Works by Leslie Field are in numerous private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Working on the edge of the photographic medium, Leslie Field explores shadow, form, and scale in her imagery. She uses alternative processes, various film and papers, sculptural elements, and collage, considering herself an artist who makes photographs, rather than a photographer. Carefully chosen images and chemical reactions create tangible and symbolic layers in her work. Each layer invites discovery of deeper meanings and enigmatic qualities in that which is often overlooked or unseen.

Read the Notes on Field Explorations from Fernando Casas, PhD.

Selected Press

These photographic works possess three-dimensional qualities best viewed in person and at the proper scale. Some elements may be lost when viewing on a screen.


Selected Past Exhibitions

2018                Hypnotics, Santa Fe Modern, Santa Fe, NM
2018                Flower & Garden ShowMother Dog Studios, Houston, TX
2017                Field Explorations, The Jung Center, Houston, TX
2016                Field Explorations, Margolis Gallery, Houston, TX
2015                Kaleidoscope Mandalas, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX
2008               On the Horizon, Gallery E, Houston, TX
2006               Vistas, Gallery E, Houston, TX
2004               From the Center, Gallery E, Houston, TX
2004               New Work, Michelson Museum of Art, Marshall, TX
2002               The Intention of Light, Hooks-Epstein Gallery, Houston, TX